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It’s the best 30 minutes the series has produced so far.“I’ve definitely learned the joy of writing for the specific actors,” Williamson says.

“From the beginning, my plan with those characters was to introduce them as the clown characters and reveal them as the lovers, upending your expectations and having the characters you think are going to be comedic relief have a lot of depth and a lot of shit going on underneath the surface.” –which all began as web series and were picked up by cable networks.“The best content out there is being made to be consumed either on premium cable or online from Hulu to Amazon to Netflix to HBO–those places are taking the most risks,” Williamson says.

, but according to gossip columnist Perez Hilton, actor Van Hansis isn’t just playing gay on TV.

Though gay publications have been covering Hansis’ groundbreaking work on the daytime drama for months, his sexuality has never been a topic of discussion.

Atlanta’s LGBT film festival gets a little bigger and better every year.

That goes double for its big gay roster of eye candy just as much as its high-quality lineup and A-List guests. When the festival opens its eight days of programming Oct.

Oftentimes in network television, people get hired to do exactly what they have done in the past.

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As the titular “fourth man” of his blue collar pals, mechanic Adam comes out to his friends and has to re-adjust to the dating scene and individual relationships.Where other TV shows can be less prudish about on-camera coitus, Williamson gave himself a different set of rules to go by, given the fact that “I wanted the show to be taken seriously, so we didn’t have any sex scenes.I wanted to send a message clearly early on that we’re not in any way exploitative,” says Williamson, who is the writer, director, star, and producer of was to buck expectations.Best Web Series - Drama De Vanity Hustling Out With Dad Progress Tina Cesa Ward, Producing Juliet Jonathan Holbrook, STILL Paul Awad, Thurston Best Writing - Drama Lisa Gifford, 3some Michael Caruso, De Vanity Kelsey Jorissen, The Dreamers Sebastian La Cause, Hustling Armando Saldanamora, Progress Kathryn O' Sullivan, Thurston Best Lead Actor - Drama J.

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Dec 27, 2017. and Thom Van Hansis who are slowly rebuilding–and expanding–their. Williamson's keen dissection of gay dating dynamics–who's the.… continue reading »

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Fan page for actor Van Hansis @VanHansis1. Coverage for news & projects featuring Van. EastSidersTV's season 3 premiere date has been revealed!… continue reading »

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Sep 25, 2015. His friends in LA joke that George is dating a serial killer, and as it turns. Kiss Me, Kill Me - Official Trailer 2016 Van Hansis, Gale Harold HD.… continue reading »

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Van on Facebook Write to Van at Van Hansis PO Box 515 Nyack, NY, 10960 USA [email protected] Hansis was born on.… continue reading »

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