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It is at the start of the Aurignacian during which these first figurines were carved.

It does seem like a strange coincidence which is what I believe but there is that very slim possibility the Hohle Fels figurine is the genuine thing.

I have included Sicily as it was attached to Italy at this time, an additional area of the Ukraine and I extended southwards to the mountains of the Zagros.

It is larger than most maps but I think it is fairly accurate. No one really can say for sure what the boundries actually are.

There is no clearly dated archaeological source for Aurignacian tools outside of Europe before 47,000 years ago; however the Belgian archaeologist Marcel Otte has identified the Zagros Mountains in Iran and Iraq as a the The map above show the boundries of Aurignacian culture and is a composit of several maps I have seen and what I have read.They became mother worshipers as the result of the work of missionaries from Crete.These tribes later amalgamated with groups of Andonite sailors who came by boats from the coast of Asia Minor, and who were also mother worshipers.But it does say that there is a connection through Cain's descendants on Crete.