Verizon fios tv remote dvr updating

08-Mar-2017 01:03

verizon fios tv remote dvr updating-14

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The TWC DVR sucked compared the Ti Vo that I was used, and so did their internet reliability, and so did their customer service.

Let me just say how much I hate it that city councils, property owners, and service providers negotiate exclusive service provider agreements.

They offer three variants, the Roamio, Romio Plus, and Roamio Pro, differences and details are here.

The Ti Vo Mini is a playback only device that lets you watch live or recorded TV.

You need to pair it with a Roamio, and it acts like an extender for the Roamio UI.

The Pro setup, including reboots for updates, took about an hour.

The Mini setup was even longer at about 1 hour 20 minutes, at times the Mini UI reported 99% completed for almost half an hour without any movement.I tested three Ti Vo devices, a Mini, a standard Roamio, and a Roamio Pro.The screenshots below shows the relative sizes of the devices.I find it fascinating that a company that used to pride itself on user experience could come up with such a crappy first customer interaction experience.