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09-Mar-2017 01:29

So if for example your area of interest is business, a certificate in an excel course from a community college or reputable online website is huge.

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It’s one less thing they would have to teach, and therefore one more reason to hire you.

There are a bunch of things you can do over the next couple of months that will help build your resume for the next internship and job-hunting season.

Here are 5 of the best things you can do to for your resume this summer: Volunteering is a great way to spend your summer.

Employers love to see people who have taken the time to give back to their communities; it shows selflessness and initiative, as well as a capacity to work well with others and contribute in a group environment.

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It also alludes to your ability to make the office-community a friendlier and more cooperative place of work, something all companies want.Best of all, you can pretty much choose any cause you want to devote your time to and it’ll look good.Things like animal shelters, soup kitchens, elderly homes, and little league are all great.There are a number of free and pay websites dedicated to providing online courses for students, many of whom also give certificates of completion.

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