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Sommore won’t allow any of that as Erica calls for a polygraph.That Sommore agrees to, although Scrappy storms off stage ripping off his mic, proclaiming his innocence.“The gals’ trip to Jamaica gets off to a rocky start with uninvited crashers,” the synopsis for the VH1 series states.After seeing the ladies dance and joke around during the trip, the promo cuts to the evening, showing the women enjoying themselves at dinner. I think it would be a great category addition to the awards show, don’t you? Perhaps Mona will win an Academy Award for promoting bad acting and ratchet behavior.Could Joc’s Jamaica trip with Treasure be his revenge against Karlie after playing him for a fool?

This new information could make a big difference in Rasheeda and Kirk’s relationship.

Elsewhere, it looks like a fun vacation will turn into a heated confrontation.

What initially looks like an exciting vacation for Mimi Faust, Karlie Redd and their friends, soon gets interrupted by Karlie’s ex-boyfriend.

After learning that Kirk had an affair with Jasmine, Rasheeda kicked him out of the family home and contemplated divorcing him.

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Throughout this situation, Rasheeda has shared with her friends how hurt she is over Kirk’s indiscretion, and how she is struggling to deal with his behavior.However, Jessica Dime spots Joc and Treasure P entering the establishment and the two make their way over to the table. ” Karlie can be seen asking Joc, who looks a bit confused from his encounter with the women.Last viewers saw of Karlie and Joc, the former couple wasn’t on the best terms with one another. The cast arrives, drinks in hand and prep people in tow as if they are walking the red carpet for the Oscars.