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Park Yoo Ha studied hard in medical school and finished her intern course.

She works hard to become a doctor due to her father.

Although she is enjoying a glamorous single life, she feels empty inside somehow.

To recollect the happiest time of her life, she decides to restore the house in which she lived with her father in her twenties.

Back then, he resented his father for being neglectful of his family while he was busy taking care of his patients.

But when he followed his father's footsteps and served in Africa, at last he came to understand his father.

After her husband ran off overseas when his company went bankrupt, she started from the bottom and kept on rolling until she came to own a building.

❤ Actually I'm not really a fan of korean actors or korean movies, But few years ago I accidentally watch an korean love story and I like it, untill I decided to watch the my shy boss, Yeon Woo Jin is really good actor and who I love now, Yes Im at young age but I think Im having crush on him. I would love to see you in a romantic comedy as the main lead, or as a cop/investigator role like you did in Ordinary Love. Fighting and spirit, always give your best in every drama and movie. what thehell are you talking about ,i loved him in ojakgjo brothers he was soo cute and in the end he falls in love ,an besides it his caracter don't critisize him for being a great actor i am happy too see him in this drama fighting and those who are comenting about him ,just learn too split reality from real life !! If you disliked him for his role in ojakgyo brothers, it just shows what a great actor he is then, doesn't it?

i hope you will leading a drama with Park Bo Young... i hipe you will leading a drama with Park Bo Young... I'M HOPING THAT YOU WILL GET MULTIPLE MOVIE AND DRAMA OFFERS AS THE MAIN LEAD! You're the next great korean actor, keep smiling right. - Also a lot of feelings shown by the actors that most of the time are doing a great job. Do not criticize him for following the script and the director. @bea anuddin, learn to watch the entire drama before making judgement, plus it's just his character in the show.

i hope in the next drama and movie, you will lead it with more talented actress... i hope in the next drama and movie, you will lead it with more talented actress... He looks like an American Korean Actor, and I searched it up, and yep, Yeon Woo Jin looks EXACTLY like John Cho (American actor). I almost liked the story of ordinary love but i was just disappointed with the ending. First i think he's such a killer, murderer, bad person on Arang, and when i knew the secret behind his character as Joo Wal.. Your range in acting is amazing with your eyes, gestures and facial expressions. I loved him so much, when first time i watch in just friend i thought he was cute and really handsome. anyway, he's character in the Arang and the Magistrate, he played it so well that i think i fell on him!! - They are intense, deep and each character is carefully shaped. He was playing a part which I am sure he was paid extremely well for.

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excited for your project in the future............fightingggg Bravo, Woo Jin oppa. look forward for your next project oppa Woo Jin my lovely puppy and handsome man.. Of all the women in that age range, she definitely is in the top few percent and so far my absolute favorite pairing with him-my least favorite pairing was Divorce Lawyer in Love, probably tied w/Cinderella's Stepsister for least favorite show of his though neither are his fault just nowhere near the tv N shows (they do have the best team of script readers... ) Holy sht, Just saw him in Introverted Boss, seeing him for the first time, and I swear to god, he looked like someone. I really appreciate your acting in the last scene, when you finally meet her after 7 years. I just don't like your role in When a man loves a woman. But with Jang mi you really look so perfect together. Looking forward to watch his other dramas & movies.. Fall in love with his character and acting on "Arang and the Magistrate" & "When A Man Loves". You were like a chameleon as Jae Hee first sweet handsome and charming then switching to the devil himself! Reading the comments above I understand you are quite a good actor, acting so well ppl can't tell you apart from your character. I will gladly return and have another comment left here and also watch the other work you have done. - They leave a message with the audience that perhaps will get wiser.

But seems like you injured your eye pretty bad during filming and we can see that in the drama , however that did not bother us and you delivered till the end. Nice actor, you are one of my favorite korean actor... nice actingg and good job for seven days queen .... When I watched this drama, I missed your acting in introverted boss ?? even u can only update it once a week might be enough for me .....????????? The best part for me=Seven Day Queen/Yeon Woo Jin are blessed with one of THE best young leading lady costars, Park Min Young, to really make it shine! I am now an avid fan..♡♥ Is it just me or does Yeon Woo Jin looks like Jun Ji Hyun's male counterpart? I would like to commend you in a scene in ep15 of MND, where you are having a telecom with your mom, you are amazing, you cry so effectively that everyone watching were just carried away and thrilled! Now I searched all your projects and I fell for you more after watching secret love! He is a very good actor and will be more great actor a head - I think :) Really loved him since I saw him in arang and the magistrate. Later on I saw him in when a man loves which I also loved his character and his acting very much. But then when he finally smile in the mid-story, uggh! His smile could touch your heart as if you don't wanna' blink your eyes just to see his charismatic smile.. I especially loved you in When A Man Loves as the good and bad Jae Hee. I think you are doing well so far, but I haven't seen the series prior to this one, so I can't really have a fair opinion yet.