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03-Jun-2017 15:47

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I had this happen to me on Facebook after I initiated media.I'm like WTF, how did Facebook take a screenshot of the chrome around the inner-frame of the page.It displayed a prerecorded video of a woman that then faded into a bunch of text and "April Fool!! Fast forward a few days when the developer opened the folder with videos... If you don't fancy giving webcam permissions to a random link on the internet you'll get a blank page.If you want to read about the code you're about to run the originating repo is here - Face Filter - this is one of the examples.I always have this fear in the back of my mind that this sort of website is recording the unflattering video feed of me peering over my triple chins at the laptop that rests on my belly in bed, waiting to potentially blackmail me with it, post it to my facebook feed, or send it to any women that ever had an interest in me.Yes, I would be able to see that in the network traffic, but not if they have a 0-day for my OS.I want to make sure that the plaintext and key do not get leaked back to the server.

I would be much more comfortable with this kind of demo that need webcam, audio or file upload.EDIT: I'm speaking from the position of an end-user.I'm downloading ciphertext a decryption tool from an untrusted server and executing the decryption tool locally, with a key which I input locally.Be amazed putting your moving mouth onto a pic of your favorite pet.