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Willing seller and buyer, it's supposed to be a win-win situation.However, the girl sued the guy,the question is, for what ? Mar 19, 2014 He should open a case against her for falsifying her intentions and potential scamming.

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The ruse would increase their rates by as much as RMB10,000 per client.Miss Gao had the bright idea to use We Chat’s ‘Shake’ function to meet men and then ask money from them.One day, using the service, she met a man named Zhao.He was willing to give her money as a gesture of goodwill, but the sex was extra.

So he is in the clear so far against the idea of prostitution.In addition to doctoring photos to make it look like they attended red carpet galas (see above), the workers had search engines tweaked to help verify their false identities.A woman thought she had come up with the perfect new scam, but in the end it backfired on her.Over the past three months, there were at least 12 reports of “compensated dating” scams in which the victims were instructed to pay in bitcoin, up from only three in the first three months of this year.