Wellesley students dating

12-Feb-2017 09:19

Even though dating has always been my priority, I haven’t really done much of it because of convenience.

I’ve developed some bad dating habits from Tinder and Grindr, and they’ve gotten me into trouble without realizing it.

I think a lot of people find themselves settling for hooking up, or trying to use hooking up as a way to get into a relationship, and it doesn’t work out that way a lot of times.

Even within the queer community, biphobia is a thing.

People see your name on these apps a lot after a while, and it’s not always a positive thing.

I think there’s a lot of risk in using them because they can ruin your professional reputation.

As a bisexual person, and as a college woman, you tell people you’re bisexual they’re immediately like, “it’s a phase” but there are also straight girls who want to experiment, and they just toy with your feelings.

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While 91% of college students think their campus is dominated by it, only 28% actively participate. Then, we talked to real college students about their own preferences when it comes to dating and hook-up culture.

Here's what our interviewees had to say:“If I were ambitious enough to keep a Little Black Book, it would be a sad, sad testament as to why dating in college isn't realistic for a gay man at a Big 10 school.

Some highlights: the 6'3” lumberjack who used me to make his closeted best friend (and current fiancée!

And on Tinder, tons of guys ask if I’m into threesomes. I tried hooking up once and to say it didn’t go well is an understatement.

I definitely will only date people who are female or non-binary, like me. Luckily, there’s a lot of people like that at Wellesley.

Last month’s pieces focused on heterosexual students, so we tried to figure out if there were similar campus trends affecting the LGBTQ community.