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Since the Star Trek actor’s death on June 19, when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled down the driveway and pinned him against a security gate, Dennings has posted only photos of him to her Instagram account — seven in total.The brunette shared the most recent snapshot early Thursday morning.

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Sam continues to wait at the bar where he told him to meet him and even leaves a message for Josh who has apparently stood him up.“I don’t hang out at trendy Hollywood bars,” said Yelchin, who said he loved acting but disliked celebrity.He then listed some of the people he palled around with, including Dennings and Jennifer Lawrence, who was also a film-set friend, as well as his non-famous childhood chums.“We’re just nuts and freaks,” Yelchin said with affection.His family has requested to respect their privacy at this time, but what about Anton Yelchin’s girlfriend? Jennifer Holland Jennifer Holland is the proud girlfriend of movie maker and actor, James Gunn –perhaps best known for his work on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol’s 1, 2 and 3. [Read The Whole Story...] His acting career started when he was 9, when he played Augie in the 2000 film A Man is Mostly Water, the following year he starred in Delivering Milo, 15 Minutes, Hearts in Atlantis and Along Came The Spider, in 2004 he played the role as Tom Warshaw in House of D, he also was in Fierce People in 2006 and Alpha Dog as Zack Mazurky.

In 2008, he appeared in New York, I Love You, as Pavel Chekov in Star Trek and Kyle Reese in Terminator Salvation, a year after that he was in You and I alongside Mischa Barton and with Felicity Jones in Like Crazy, Fright Night, The Beaver and the voice of Clumsy Smurf in The Smurfs in 2011.

It was later revealed that his vehicle may have been involved in a recall because the electronic gearshifts in some 20 Jeep Grand Cherokees don’t work properly.