Who is alex pettyfer dating 2016

25-Jan-2017 10:16

So could all his REAL fans please stop asking him now? xx Yes IMDb Pro says that Alex is rumored to be in Chatroom, but no official cast has been announced for that film and filming had not yet begun as of the end of April 2009. But he wants to keep it private and, with apologies to all his fans, has asked me not to tell anyone. fukd in the head or...print off some pictures of him and go to a hairstylist, ask them tocut it like that for styling use some pomade while your hair issemi damp, to give it that messy look. nd he still didnt say shyt nd she still broke up wiv himm..Alexander Richard Pettyfer was born on April 10, 1990 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. His most recent roles are in I Am Number Four and Beastly. It's unknown who ended the relationship, but it's confirmed that they broke up in March 2011. He has been seen as a model in several advertising campaigns for Burberry. Well, to film the kiss scene in Wildchild, they would have to be filmed kissing. A cast for Chatroom was announced in London newspaper The Daily Mail on and Alex Pettyfer's name was not included.....

He has one half-brother called James Ireland, who is age 16/17. In early 2011, it was annouced that they were dating but they broke up mid-way through the year - very publicly at that.

I guess it isn't anyones business why they broke up. She may be a good actress but you cant dump a hunk like him! and the fact that she kissed another maytiee in front of ALEX!