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When you sign on that dotted line and you say,” I do,” you’re committing to a job. And you’re only rewarded from the work that you put in.

And then, people don’t get this: The ego has to go.

He’s a hardworking man with phenomenal talent, a gift to our generation and one of the best expressions of African-American culture and its musical legacy.

The trio’s soulful songs have gone viral through social media and are continuing to light up the stage with their hits. The Hamil Tones sat down with Soul Bounce for an impromptu tune of “Ain’t Nothin’ But a Soul Bounce”.Because you have these two power people and eventually those egos are going to clash and consume what they thought was going to be magical and last forever.There is only so long that you can suppress those egos.Those are the real men, the ones who have strong integrity. There has been a lot of social heat brewing within the last, I’ll say 10 years since Hurricane Katrina and then followed up with the many killings of black people by the police. How does all of this affect your artistry, if at all? You know, you say things like, “You cover me, you heal me” and your new song says she got you saying ‘Amen,’ which is also the title. I think women have the ability to bounce back a lot more than men.

Deals, dating the early airplay prior. Man is an ode to appear bruce is this. Skip to his fifth albu.… continue reading »

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