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Canberra was built to accommodate the government, while the surrounding area was developed to support the city, including the construction of dams, the establishment of plantation forests and the creation of protected areas.

An advisory council was established in 1930, with some elected representation.

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In 1908, the region was selected as the site of the nation's future capital city.Initially, the growth of Canberra and the ACT was slow.The American architect Walter Burley Griffin won the competition to design Australia's new capital and was appointed to oversee its construction.After you filled out all of the required spaces on the My Space registration form, you need to type in a CAPTCHA (a mix of letters and symbols), and click on the, "I Agree" button.

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The history of the Australian Capital Territory ACT as an administrative division of Australia began after the Federation of Australia in 1901 when it was created in law as the site for Canberra, Australia's capital city.… continue reading »

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