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Meanwhile, Theresa and Nicole returned from a failed search for office space.

Brady casually closed his laptop as Theresa tried to convince Nicole that it would be best for them to just run their new company from the townhouse until a more permanent solution could be found.

As Theresa and Nicole continued working at the townhouse, Theresa said she wanted Nicole to start thinking of her and Brady as family -- or, at the very least, work family.

Nicole appreciated the gesture, and Theresa was equally appreciative when Nicole mused that Theresa and Brady seemed like a perfect fit for each other.

Belle assured Philip that she would take care of that problem.

Outraged, Belle wondered if Shawn had been talking to Lani about her.I have someone else I need to focus on," Belle added before walking away.John and Eduardo met in the town square to discuss Eduardo's recent encounter with Vadim, the man who had been sent to kill Eduardo.Confused, Belle said she had been under the impression that John had agreed to help Philip investigate Deimos.