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This is the second of two successive solo exhibitions, the first of which took place at The Agency Gallery, London (17th Feb - 1st April 2018). Friday 2 February, 7-9pm Continues: 3 February - 28 March 2018Artist Talk: Saturday 17 February, 12-1pm Artist Master class: 24 February, 10-4pm Components of the Sceneby Brian Mc Avera In 1966 the writer Ronald Blythe published an anthology of stories, poems and essays on the Second World War called .He was trying to give an overview of the war from the points of view of professional writers, but his title acknowledged that the individual component parts were capable of being re-assembled in many different ways, and therefore capable of creating many different ‘Scenes’.There will be a globe, mounted on an easel, but if you touch it you will get powder on your fingers.There is likely to be a pigment work, possibly also using dibond, which might start on the wall and then shift to the floor but if you walk through it, you will get powder on your shoes and leave footprints on the floor. In 1907, in Galway, Marconi created the first commercial, transatlantic radio signal connecting Europe and North America. If you look at the charcoal drawings, there are circular elements (Globes? ) and very strong suggestions of outer space, perhaps of electrons or atoms whirring through.Years later, in 1985, I qualified for the Partnership’s Long Service Leave – and spent a happy six months travelling round the world, with two sketchbooks and the smallest possible set of gear - including this time a folding stool, which enables you to sketch in comfort anywhere (no easel needed, just your knees).Eventually I retired and came home to Portadown, where I’ve been glad to play a part in two local art clubs – the Armagh Art Club, where for 17 years I was Treasurer, and the Portadown Visual Arts Society, based here at Millennium Court, for all of whose 20 years I was Secretary.You, the audience, are currently looking at an exhibition by Sinead Mc Keever called .

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Working for over 30 years with the John Lewis Partnership in central London, I was lucky enough to tenjoy some wonderful holiday courses run by the Royal Watercolour Society.It is immersive, and this might lead you to ask yourself about boundaries. It’s an industrial material with connotations of coolness and formality.But because of its reflective properties, which can be heightened by a careful use of lighting, at the moment we approach it we ourselves are locked into its imagery.There was time then for some ‘proper’ paintings to show in Club exhibitions, and some of those have sold, which is always a thrill - but I still love sketching best.