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No expense was spared on the two children of this golden second marriage.Anthony was given the best education money could buy, including several expensive years at a Swiss boarding school where the daily routine included skiing and mountain climbing.Meanwhile, Anthony's efforts to become an actor in New York went nowhere.By the end of the Eighties, when he and Tiegs wed, it must have seemed to Peck that he'd never get comfortable in his own skin.This was followed by four years at highly selective Amherst College in Massachusetts, where Prince Albert of Monaco was also a student, and two years of acting classes at the Julliard School in Manhattan.The only part of this education that Anthony seems to recall with great enthusiasm is the skiing in Switzerland.In the early Fifties, his father had ended a troubled marriage to a former hairdresser he met on his way to stardom, with whom he had three sons.The break-up of this first marriage was extremely painful and drove Gregory to despair.

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At 45, he looks like a man whose body is still undergoing rehabilitation from the hardships of a misspent youth.

And falling in love with Cheryl Tiegs didn't help, because her success eclipsed him, too.

He met her in 1983, when he was still in his twenties and fresh out of acting school, and her rise to fame as a supermodel seemed as effortless as his father's success.

"It wasn't sex that put me in psychological therapy, but I'm familiar with that world. At the beginning, it was great, and at the end, it was awful.

I know what it's like to have your obsession explained to you and yet be unable to change it." So, if it wasn't sex that drove Peck to drink and ruined his marriage, what was it? Then, too, I guess that I was trying to hide from a life that gave me too many opportunities. I'd been given so much and didn't have a lot to show for it."In other words, it's not been easy growing up in the shadow of Gregory Peck.

But you just keep feeling worse."Nastassja Kinski stars as a psychotherapist who tries unsuccessfully to persuade Des Barres to stop seducing women.

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