Who is hannah dating on pll

15-Feb-2017 03:48

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I just hope that if Spaleb does happen, it doesn't hurt Spanna for good. season five left us with a lot of disappointments: Mona died and Alison proved once again that she can't be trusted (what is the deal with her and Zach?? The one good thing we did get from that last episode is that Emily and Paige were getting back together.

Come on, you know it's weird that he dated a high school student.With that said, there's always still a chance that Hanna could get pregnant on the show. It was that "Hanna has a pregnancy scare." Say what?In January, Blackburn teased "Two Truths and a Lie" about PLL with Yahoo! Well, if you compare it to the others Blackburn revealed — "Ezra starts dating another high schooler" and "Caleb almost gets burned alive" — it actually seems to be more of a truth.Though Hanna was a bit surprised, I don’t think she sees what actually could be happening here.

Caleb could be hacking and protecting firewalls from anywhere, especially Washington, D. Maybe he and Spencer have been carrying on a romance behind everyone’s backs for much longer than we thought.First, in Season 5's episode titled "Fresh Meat," Caleb and Spencer wanted to destroy the knife that they thought could be the murder weapon in Mona's death.Spencer and Caleb then tried to burn it in the school's kiln, which is where Caleb almost got burned alive. As for that other possible truth or lie that Ezra might date another high schooler? Even though Ezria is dunzo at the moment, I just find it hard to believe that PLL would go down that road again with Ezra.For more on a potential Spaleb romance, check out Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave.