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Meanwhile, Jackson's new friend Thor causes him major humiliation.Miley and Lilly start a fight after Lilly doesn't choose Miley first in a Flag-Football game in gym class.After Oliver gets annoyed with their behavior, he handcuffs them together right before Hannah's big award show.The girls have to work it out so Hannah can get ready.The first special was "Achy Jakey Heart", in which Miley revealed her secret to Jake Ryan (Cody Linley). "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl" aired in a week-long Disney Channel event "Sweet Niblets, We're Related? In 3 episodes this season, Hannah Montana wins an award.Miley, Lilly, and Oliver start high school and Rico (who is also in high school after skipping a few grades) soon learns what he thinks is Miley's "big secret" and blackmails her with it by making her be his girlfriend.He agreed, and appeared in the episode with his daughters, playing himself as a "frustrated restaurant patron".

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"(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl" aired in a week-long Disney Channel event called "Sweet Niblets, We're Related? Disney Channel UK premiered five new Hannah Montana episodes for "Montana May", "(We're So Sorry) Uncle Earl", "You Didn't Say It Was Your Birthday", "Joannie B.

The Volume 4: One in a Million DVD which released January 29, 2008, includes four episodes of Hannah Montana. In part one, episodes 1-15 were included, while remaining episodes 16-29 were released in part 2.