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Contracts can be legal and illegal, hull ( ) and void (it is not legally binding contract), voidable () (it is mean the contract has a capable of being legally annulled [] and made void), invalid () (made orally or in writing but not under seal ()). When the thing agreed upon has been done, as in case ( ) of an article sold and delivered and payment made on the spot ( ), it is called an executed contract.

In order to make a valid () contract one must observe () certain necessary conditions. They are subject of contract, price and total amount, delivery dates, penalty (), type of payment, guarantee, packing and marking, export licence, force majeure and insurance.

The company structure A business may be referred to approvingly as an enterprise to emphasize its adventurous, risk-taking qualities, and business in general may be referred to in the same way, for example in combinations such as free enterprise and private enterprise. Large companies are referred to as corporations, especially in the United States.

But they enable the interviewer to interpret questions, to explore the respondents opinions, and to identify areas of information.

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It is using of the successful practice of other companies in the work of your own firm. There are accumulated another job which need his attention and sudden illness of the secretary and unexpected delay of two containers with m-type desks which must be received by the client in Rotterdam. He told about how he had find new agent in Abracan market and they decided what method of payment they will used.

One of them is a Japanese philosophy kanban [] system by which the products are pulled through the system of market demand, rather than being driven by the supply of raw materials.

There are many popular production techniques and philosophies.

He is in charge of the day-to-day running of the company.

The shareholders elect a Board of Directors, and the directors appoint one of Managing Director.

Some months ago it was decided that the Company would have to build an extension to the present factory. Norman Phillipson, was called in, and given the job. (Industrial Development Certificate), which is granted, given, by the Board of Trade.

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