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25-Jun-2017 09:22

Peter reveals to Syd that his concern for Kimberly stems from memories of a deceased sister who suffered a similar plight. Richard fires Jane after she publicly dishonors Mac Kenzie's memory, but is later forced to make her a partner.

She also visits the house of Amanda's ex-husband, Jack, claiming that her car has broken down.

Michael encourages Matt to sue for wrongful dismissal. When Kimberly's mother learns of her daughter's plight, she plans to ship her back to Cleveland. Peter tells Kimberly that this revelation may lead to her release, as she can now be treated. Jack stops Amanda from leaving town and asks for a divorce.

Jake T. Austin After Jake T. Austin starts dating his superfan. It took her four years to get his attention, but superfan Danielle Caesar is now laughing.… continue reading »

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Jake T. Austin is still part of the Wizards of Waverly Place cast. Well right now he is dating a non celebrity who lives in Houston Texas Named.… continue reading »

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Can we please get another musical episode now? Jake T. Austin Takes to Instagram to Announce He's Dating His Biggest Fan. Jake T. Austin.… continue reading »

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