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Kay was born as Stephanie Kay Panabaker on May 2, 1990, in Orange, Texas, United States to Donna Panabaker and Harold Panabaker.She spent most of her childhood days with her sister Danielle Panabaker.Stephanie Kay Panabaker is an American zookeeper who used to be a child actress and voice-over artist.She was active in films and television during the 2000s.Kay, 18, recently wrote in her My Space confirming that she does not Twitter, saying, “There has been some talk about Twitter. I do not have one, nor do I have any interest in getting one. But it was beautiful and such a wonderful experience. I cried when we wrapped in LA and I cried when we wrapped in NY.I have a difficult time keeping up with my day to day business that trying to keep other people updated on my life would be impossible. This person has fooled even friends of mine, so I don’t doubt they are convincing. I still see a lot of the cast, but not the crew as much.I play Jenny, a singer and actress who has a hard time letting go of her nerves.

"When I was getting ready to do 'Fame,' I was doing lots of dance classes and Pilates, says the actress, who plays Daphne Powell on the hit ABC show (Tuesdays 8/7pm CT). I mean, working out is good for the mind, it's good for the body, and it's good for the soul."But she admits, "I hate getting up when I don't have to work, and my sleep is more important to me than working out!

Danielle is a prominent American actress known best for her roles in The Flash, Sky High, Piranha 3D and more.

Kay went on to follow her elder sister and began her acting career. Kay is living happily and traveling to San Diego and other places.

She then went on to attend Glendale Community College after receiving two scholarships. She went on to be accepted to UCLA where she completed her bachelor of arts in history before she was 18. She has a well-maintained figure and a beautiful face that attracts many men.

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Kay began her acting career in 2002’s Port Charles. She has not married till date and does not have any children. Kay’s net worth has been estimated to be $ 300 thousand in 2015.Also, I did have an address where fan mail was sent and I would read and respond. Kay Panabaker, the stunning star of "No Ordinary Family," has a confession, albeit not that surprising for most 20-year-olds: She'd much rather sleep-in than exercise!A few of these actors may not have technically been born in Texas, but everyone on this list grew up in Texas and considers it to be their home.