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For fictional pairings, examples showcase themselves as Logan and Veronica (Veronica Mars) becomes "Lo Ve", Josh and Reva (Guiding Light) becomes "Jeva", Jack and Kate (Lost becomes "Jate", Michael and Sara (Prison Break) becomes "Mi Sa", and so on. parodied name-blending trends when he talked about real couples' overexposure to one another; he wondered whether or not his pairing with Summer Roberts would be called "Summereth" or "Sethummer".Some couples are given more complex portmanteaux; on How I Met Your Mother), the pairing of Barney and Robin is referred to as "BROTP", incorporating their initials, their platonic status as "bros", and the popular fandom term OTP ("One True Pairing"). Gabay said portmanteaux "...giv[e] people an essence of who they are within the same name.Despite the heartache over her break-up with ROBERT PATTINSON, the Twilight star has been secretly dating Boardwalk Empire actor MICHAEL PITT who she met at Paris Fashion Week.A source said: “Kristen’s not over Rob but she’s getting there and Michael’s helping her through it.

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She wore booty shorts (ugh) and black leather fingerless gloves, and a rather nice white jacket.

People involved in shipping (or shippers) assert that the relationship does exist, will exist, or simply that they would like it to exist.

"Portmanteaux first came about with Lewis Carroll" as a way to blend words, stated Jonathan Gabay, author of the Copywriter's Compendium—a reference guide to the English language.

The term originated in the United States, and was coined in the early 1980s when intense public interest in fictional soap opera couple Luke Spencer and Laura Webber, from General Hospital, made the pair a popular culture phenomenon.s Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara.

With regard to real-life pairings, tabloids and the mainstream media have focused on wealthy or popular celebrity couples, and have titled them supercouples or power couples.She vowed to throw herself into work and be single this summer.But when she met Michael last week, they hit it off.They're an interesting couple or they're not." Fans often use portmanteaux to refer to their favorite couples on online message boards, a significant aspect of the "shipping fandom".