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The group's first and only album release was produced by Day and he sang on one of the tracks called "Green Acres." From that high point, Day's success began to wane.The general decline of Prince's popularity soon after did not help, and Day's public visibility and creative output waned considerably.Jones is a former backup singer for Lou Rawls and is currently singing for Day. Rawls contributed to the wedding by singing 'Forever I Do.' There won't be a honeymoon for the couple until Day finishes touring in late July.In high school, Day was in a band with Prince and André Cymone and the trio formed an early band managed by Day's mother called "Grand Central," later renamed "Shampayne." Later, Prince embarked on a solo career but retained Cymone for his backing band.Day came out of his self-imposed retirement because of his fans' support.Day has remained a popular concert draw since the late 1990s, fronting a revamped lineup of The Time, including originals Jellybean Johnson on drums and Monte Moir on keyboards.One-time Prince protege Morris Day, the vainglorious dandy of 'Purple Rain,' has gotten married for the first time.

Typically escorted by his valet, "Jerome" (Jerome Benton), Day won fans with his exaggerated vanity ("Jerome bring me my mirror!

") and strutting bravado ("Ain't nobody bad like me!

"), acting as a comic foil to Prince's romantic, sensitive lead.

The band was invited to perform on Prince's direct to video concert film, "Rave Un2 The Year 2000", in December 1999.

Day has also appeared regularly in local television commercials for a Toyota dealership in the Atlanta area.

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