Who is rhian ramos dating now

24-Feb-2017 19:10

She currently appears regularly on the GMA Telebabad series ‘Indio,’ where she portrays the role of ‘diwata.’ But Ramos emphasized that she not yet forgotten the controversy that dragged her name before the end of 2011.

It obviously affected and almost ruined her then burgeoning and promising TV and movie career.

That time, Ramos was set to do the TV drama ‘My Beloved,’ opposite Dingdong Dantes.

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Ramos was just 16 years old when she started seeing Mo Twister, who was at that time 29 years old.

She has expressed contentment over her current relationship.

or taping I would ask him to come because those are the kinds of things where it is easy to stay behind the cameras And then later as I see he was getting comfortable with everyone I am working with, then I asked [him] to tag along to events,” she said told reporters at the sidelines of the Pep List Awards.“He was one of my great motivators.

She found out that ever since she broke up with KC, she learned a lot about herself in being single.

She shared that she and KC saw each other in the gym recently, and KC looked really good.

In the same interview, she did not actually mention Mo Twister’s name but it was clear that she was talking about him.