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The area attracted Neolithic people who left stone flint tools and pottery nearly 5000 years ago.

Just outside Barford is a 4000 year old 'henge', rather like Stonehenge but without the stones.

Reproduction for the purpose of financial gain is prohibited.

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Died c.1648, Barford, Co Warwickshire, England.[173] Will dated, 1648,[173] John Dunne of Barford,[173,174] & probated 15/6/1649.[174] Gentleman, 1649.[174] Agnes Smith, 3/8/1629, Great Alne, Co Warwickshire, England.[171] Agnes, probably born between 1605-1610 (from DOM & DOB of issue) & died 1671, Barford, Co Warwickshire, England.[172] Will dated 14/10/1671,[175] & probated, 25/10/1671,[172] Agnes Dunne of Barford, Warwickshire, widow.[172,175] is a small village, known as Ruwenalne or Round Alne in the Middle Ages (the first part of the name does not mean 'round' but 'rough'), seven miles north-west of Stratford-upon-Avon, in the County of Warwickshire, England.These early farmers worked an "open field system" with each man’s holding consisting of scattered long narrow strips of half an acre or more separated by furrows for drainage. After 1066 Barford thus came under the control of the de Bereford family, followed by the Naffords.The Verdon family held another Manor from 1212 till 1385 when it passed to Lord Willoughby de Broke and the Earls of Warwick.Well, whether or not they are, the truth is they do.

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In fact, the real boom time for alternative newspapers in the United States were the years between the deregulation of 976 numbers and the emergence of Internet porn.” I took the above paragraph from my first novel, The Big Love.Early in the thirteenth century, lands in Barford were given to the canons of Thelsford Priory.By 1332, the friars were the largest landowners in the village.At this time much of central Britain would have been woodland without roads or bridges.