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Instead of seeming trapped in the chilly airlock of action movies, Weaver delighted in changing the weather out there, cutting her heroines in independents and blockbusters alike with her personal brand of humor or allowing them to frost over completely.

In Ang Lee’s glassy adaptation of Rick Moody’s (1997), Weaver played the entitled housewife Janey Carver with exquisite cruelty, boredom, and a suffocating sadness.

The experience of the creation of the character is what feeds me, what excites me, challenges me . But then the badass babe who inevitably survives it all needs to be more than just a savvy teen; she has to be professional, steely enough to be the leading lady on an interstellar voyage, and weary enough to have weathered the trip to get there, not to mention the extensive training before that.

Instead of a faceless aggressor hunting nubile numbskulls in the woods, you set a monstrous creature loose—minotaur-like—within the Betamax maze of a spacecraft.

I remember going there with Christopher Walken—we were not dating—and I took my shoes off to dance on the dirt floor, and it was so dark. I remember thinking, “Well, he’s going to be a bachelor for many years. How are you able to focus your attention on starting a theater?

Anyway, this man who’s my husband now rescued my shoes and put them up on a pipe somewhere so that I had to go to him, and say, “Please, sir, where are my shoes? I can see that.” So I didn’t really think about him. But within six months, I had invited him to a party, and he stayed late to help me put away the decorations, and then I asked him out to dinner, and three months later we decided to get married. CURTIS: I married Chris five months after seeing his picture in [1984], but just as regular guys. It is like an energy, a wonderful fire that never goes out underneath you, to help you go out into the world and do your damnedest. He was sitting about ten feet away and he looked at me and kind of nodded. That was June 28, 1984, and I married him four months later, on December 18. WEAVER: I really can’t take credit, except that I was one of the co-founders.

I think off-off Broadway healed me, made me an actor again, and I was in so many different crazy shows.

Two years later, though, after the fourth installment of the (2010) co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, she always knew where she was headed. I’m calling from California, where it’s 72 degrees, sunny, and maybe the most beautiful day of the year. That’s what this whole conversation is going to be about, Jamie.

But acting should be the most fun thing in the world; you’re surrounded by other people who are as obsessed with Chekhov as you are.

And I know it wasn’t fun for a lot of my colleagues who went on to become incredibly successful in all different departments—in set design, lighting, writing, acting. You take this thing and you say, “Does it spark joy? At what point in your marriage was it that you started the Flea? WEAVER: I met my husband during the Williamstown Theatre Festival in 1983, when I was doing a Pinter play with Dianne Wiest and the late, great Ed Herrmann. WEAVER: I must give Jim all the credit for the Flea.

SIGOURNEY WEAVER: Well, I’m going to Hawaii on Wednesday. CURTIS: I did no research, no deep background on you. I went on my Wikipedia page recently, which I never do, and it said I’d been engaged to this guy I was never engaged to, and it had me in CURTIS: I wouldn’t have Wiki’d you.

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I’d have done something with a little more breadth and depth. CURTIS: We are so diametrically different, you and I. CURTIS: It’s like me and my husband—I married a man from New York City, and Chris [Guest] and I formed a company called Syzygy Industries—syzygy is a pair of opposites. You are a New Yorker, you are an intellectual, you went to drama school. WEAVER: …who knows more about everything than I do. CURTIS: We’re women of a similar age, women with long marriages. We have both navigated, for many decades, the often treacherous shoals of show business—”show-off” business, as I like to refer to it—and yet have remained married, remained devoted to our families. But I never went to drama school …WEAVER: I don’t recommend it.I am convinced that any actress who starred in an Italian movie between 19 has, at one time or another, posed nude for Playboy. Celebrity Babes Home | BE's TV Girlfriends | Features | Kickass Babes | Celeb Babe Interviews | Celebrity Slideshows | Supermodels | Videos Home | Movies | Television | Music | Interviews | Bullz-Eye Interactive | Hollywood Girls | Celebrity Babes | Entertainers | Videos | Humor | Games | Books | Contests Entertainment Channel / Bullz-Eye Home Our latest celebrity babe content can be found in the Celebrities category in our new magazine format. Bullz-Eye's TV Girlfriends We hand-selected 100 women from the last 40 years of television and put them into ten categories, based on personality type, career, intelligence (or lack thereof) and even marital status and picked the best of them. Sigourney Weaver What happens when you set a slasher picture in space?