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Actor Tyson Houseman plays Wolf Pack member, and best friend to Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), Quil Ateara in the new film.

While Houseman's character did not appear in the first film, he did appear in New Moon.

He has traveled to many communities all over North America to visit with youth and deliver his keynote address “Following your Dreams.” If you are interested in having Tyson come to your community or event, please click the following link: HIRE Tyson!

Pb=new ue("remove Attribute"),e.ib=new ue("get Attribute NS"),e. And it doesn’t hurt to have a solid education to back you up!” Tyson is currently in his third year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at Concordia University in Montreal.Here is what the young actor had to say: For starters, in "Eclipse" your character will be changing into a wolf for the first time, what was that experience like for you?

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Was that something you had been looking forward to since "New Moon" and have you seen how the effect looks on screen yet? Well they actually did show me what my specific werewolf looks like in full CG wolf form and it was really cool.

"Well let's go." He said grabbing his keys off of the kitchen counter. He opened the front door and let me exit the house first. I looked out the window the whole time, taking in Forks litttle at a time. I love the damp feeling of the air and the cloudy skys. I hopped out of the truck and closed the door behind me. I walked into the house a couple of seconds behind him and I see a room full of guys without their shirts on at a table. I laughed and then I heard a growl come from Jacob. "I'm Jared Cameron." The guy next to Paul said. "Embry Call." The last one said and he caught my attention. " Jared whined and I looked over to see a woman hovering over the stove with pots and pabs full of food. She turns around and then I notice that she has a long scar going down one side of her face. "Go ahead but ladies first." She told them and they groaned. "Let's get some food before the guys take it all." Leah said and I laughed.

Apr 28, 2015. Twilight Actor Tyson Houseman responds to Adam Sandler's latest. When I was younger, I acted in some of the Twilight movies. I played a.… continue reading »

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Jun 2, 2010. One person that can't wait for the film's June 30th release date is actor Tyson Houseman who plays wolf pack member, and best friend to Jacob.… continue reading »

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