Who is zac efron dating in real life

27-Jan-2017 23:27

On April 4, Efron ignited rumors by commenting on an Instagram picture of Daddario hanging out in a ballgown with her dog: “Two hot bitches.” Since then, Efron has liked five of Daddario’s Instagram posts I’m no professional doggy detective (if I was my agency would be called In Cold Bloodhound), but I do have a nose for sniffing out the truth.If anything, the evidence seems to point to a connection between Efron and Daddario’s dog. It’s been a season of romance rumors, and this bitter singleton could use a break.

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It all started when Zac shared a photo of himself and Rebecca on set of the movie, however Rebecca is staring lovingly at Zac, he is smiling at the camera. but a certain recent post on social media sparked a whole new conversation. Well, for anyone who was hoping they had a chance with him because they thought he was single, it seems that may not necessarily be the case any longer. This is devastating, but you may be a fan of the (rumored) lucky lady in his life! Word is the two have been seeing each other "on and off" for some time now...in May: “We work together closely; he's my love interest in the film.

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I understand why people would go crazy over something like that, but Zac and I are very good friends." It’s a novel concept, men and women being friends, because, genitals.

One that seems particularly hard to believe if two people are attractive and famous, because, famous genitals.