Who nelly dating now

04-Feb-2017 13:19

i dont take any of this seriously because it simply DOESNT APPLY TO ALL. I thought Nelly only had two children -- a girl and a boy. Back to the topic at hand, I always thought he and Ashanti were together. I get where Nelly was coming from with women needing to let a man be a man.. shoot, as far as im concerned, let him feel needed and help you out. Thanks He makes valid points on single women and I like the non-bitterness of his views.... sounds like code for they were bangin and it never got to relationship status... I have been a corporate American for a long time and I can assure you that the same crap that "thugs" try to pull goes on with the corporate brothers as well. We are getting married next year & he is perfect FOR ME!

if i was that dj i would have cute this interview b/c it's obvious that he was just being straight ignorant and trying to be an asshole......i also think that this was a publicity stunt b/c we all know he has been on the "D" list for a while now, and i honestly think he was even on the "D" list when he was at the peek of his so-called career. I'll say it again: Women would stay in their lanes more if they didn't have to cover both sides of the street more often than not. Now I'm 2 years into a relationship with a beautiful, loving & supportive man.

Women don't give a EFF about height & looks & money.. I'm the big bread winner in our family BUT he's the man through and through and he takes good damn care of me and our daughter... i've noticed how hard it has been for me to adjust to letting him do things for me or give me advice. its just that ive been on my own for awhile and now, i keep thinking of how my very own father told me "let him be a man". And some people can, if not really thinkiing about it carefully can think this means being subservient and its not! Thats the problem with a majority of females out here now, they seek validation for external sources. Nobody is holding a gun to her head, she can be with another guy that will love her today if she chooses. Stay out of others' business and get in the gym and REALLY workout and lose some weight, stop having out of wedlock kids, stop thinking everything revolves around you, stop telling all of your business in the street, stop getting tatted up like sailors and wanting a corporate man to take you places with him where his coworkers will see he is dating a walking graffiti, and take care of your REAL hair. Let's face it the majority of black women are overweight.

I thought they made a nice looking couple and always hoped they would get married. You were a coon 10 years ago and you still a coon today. My man does not expect me to be barefoot and pregnant and truth be told.. that's just how things have been for me but now that i have this wonderful, sweet and caring man. He had no problem with any of the women he was dating, he just didn't have to choose so he didn't. It use to be that when a man found a good woman he tried to lock it down. Its hilarious that it is more important to most of the females on here that he claim her for their satisfaction than for him to be a good man to her for her satisfaction. To me that is worth more than any degree or anything that money can buy! Many black men do not want to date full figured women.

The more we become 'too independent' , the worse it will be for our relationships. They just want someone true, respectful and supportive.. I want my baby to have a man like him who listens to her, takes care of her needs, respects her and allows her to shine as a woman... I don't need to be in front and he NEVER allows me to be behind. Women in prior generations took care of their hair, the females of this generation can too they just do not choose to. There are REAL MEN who step up to the plate a stake their claim in their women. We as women need to get back to the basics and let our men be men. However, you gotta treat your man like he is GOLDEN. Phat is not where it is at because it is not healthy. Brothas use to look but you could tell they did not like what they saw.Sometimes we women settle for ish we know we don't like and just lose our selves to some buster azz nicca, that don't even deserve our love.input this URL: ( you can find many cheap and fashion stuff jordan air max oakland raiders --39; Ed Hardy AF JUICY POLO Bikini ; Handbags (Coach lv fendi d&g) T shirts (Polo ,edhardy,lacoste) Jean(True Religion,edhardy,coogi) Sunglasses (Oakey,coach,gucci, Armaini) New era cap Bikini (Ed hardy,polo) ( WE ACCEPT PYAPAL PAYMENT DELIVERY TO YOU DOOR TO DOOR Free Shipping $%#$#$#$# welcome to our website: ========== 50%Discount summer fashion : Sandle,t-shirt,caps,jerseys,handbag and brand watches!!!Oh, and he also has some advice for all the single ladies out there and why there are so many single black females. It's not going to exist for society..for you to say "this is the perfect guy". My grandma had 15 kids and never worked a day in her life. Theyy aree playinngg with uss..ofcourse theyy were dating.broke up.they aree REdating again we aint stupiiddd they just dont wwant their bizzz to b put out there..yeahh well done nellyy !

' He may not be 6'2 broad shoulders and all that..I've seen girls turn down a great guy because he doesn't look the part." "Then you got the guys who look the part, but don't act the part. Society has also put us in a rut--either brothers are in jail..don't like girls no more. What happened to struggling together like Flo and James Evans. A man of worth that has common sense wouldn't take the majority of these females out here seriously, the question is why do they take themselves seriously. In fact, they love it in the bedroom but in public many of them run the other way. Since I lost 50 pounds men who never looked are trying to holla. What I did not share is that I have dated a wonderful FINE dude for a long time. Air Jordan shoes, Shox shoes, Gucci, LV shoes True Religion jeans, Ed Hardy jeans, LV, Coogi jeans, Affliction jeans Ed Hardy , LV , Gucci Bikini Polo, Ed Hardy, Gucci, LV, Lacoste T-shirts Coach, Gucci, LV, Prada, Juicy, Chanel handbag, Gucci, Ed Hardy sunglasses New Era caps. Cheap Handbags 33USD Designer Fashion at Cheap Prices 2.Cheap t-shirt 15USD S to 4XL size,famous brands 3sunglass 15USD 4. When I was in an unfurnished apt when we were in school. We just need to learn to be women............real..... I'd agree with you two years ago.after being in a situation where I did that.. I dated this guy for 3 yrs and encouraged him - was the PERFECT person to this guy. Now most of them 90% are divorced, broke and very bitter. I have many associates who use to hate because I did go for mine so young. I think we need to encourage our youngins not to do the same. Sometimes I feel sentiments of "hate" or bitterness from friends too.