Who was lamar odom dating before khloe

24-Apr-2017 01:56

How could the man who’d constantly given me reason after reason for why we couldn’t get married just yet now be ready to tie the knot so quickly? I met Lamar in the 9th grade in Queens, New York, and was completely taken in by his wit, charm, and that devastating smile he so easily flashed at anyone he met.

We dated from the 11th grade on and shared a tight bond due to a lot of things, including the fact that we both were products of broken homes.

Lamar and I never really talked about our loss, which I know wasn’t healthy and also meant our relationship would never last. I found out soon after that he’d had a long-term relationship with another woman—a relationship he said he’d end but he didn’t—and that was that.

In 2013, Liza Morales wrote about her relationship with Odom before he married Khloe Kardashian.I know Lamar wasn’t that happy with the show but it’s helping me move on with my life by getting my truth out there and that’s what’s important.I’m taking college courses now to help with my dream of creating a skin care line in the future.I struggled to deal with all the groupies around him and with whatever else that was going on and just stayed put.

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My denial came to an abrupt end in 2006 after the death of Jayden.To be honest I’m really doing the show for my daughter to prove to her that you can get up and move on after things fall apart. The only time I’ve seen my dad in recent years was at the funeral for my son.I did it to show her how you make mistakes and fix them and that you can never give up on yourself. That was the first time Lamar had ever met him or that the kids had a chance to meet him.We weren’t really together so I didn’t fall apart as many have suggested.

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