Who was meagan good dating before she got married

02-May-2017 05:53

They got to know one another better, too, and built “a home within a home.""Home is about the person more than the place,” they reflect.

Once they tied the knot, they found, “our marriage [became] our home, and it fills us back up when the world drains us.”That doesn’t mean that being celibate before marriage was breezy.

They got married in 2010, then had two sons - Noah and Bodhi. Then in April 2016, Megan announced that she was pregnant.

After much speculation about who the dad was, it was revealed that the baby was in fact Brian's, and they were giving things a go again after Megan changed her mind about the divorce. We're not sure when they actually got together, but they only made their relationship public in 2005.

She was coming out of a relationship that was destructive, so the chance to take courtship with Franklin more slowly gave her “needed time to heal.”The two had known each other four years, but after a first date felt platonic, they weren’t sure about moving forward.

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They advocate consistent prayer and meditation, creating a support system, and carrying a meaningful object or token that reminds one of the commitment to God and to celibacy.

But when things took off between actress Meagan Good and film executive De Von Franklin in 2011, they felt that God had put them “on a love-collision course,” according to their new book, "The Wait."Before the pair married a year later, they chose to refrain from sex during their courtship, and suggest that others might find this faith-based approach to love as fruitful as they did.“We would like this book to become a positive cultural-conversation starter as we all strive to live our God-given destiny,” they write in the first few pages.

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They got engaged in 2006, but after three years of being engaged, they split. They got back together pretty soon after breaking up, and ended up engaged again. They got married in 2010, then had two sons - Noah and Bodhi. Megan then filed for divorce in 2015. Then in April 2016, Megan announced that she was pregnant.… continue reading »

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