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I informed him that I have been told the exact same thing by numerous people and still nothing has been done and I am at a point where I feel like I should be receiving more than I spent on the room due to all of the follow up and research that I have been doing simple trying to get my funds returned, I obviously have been putting in more work hours to rectify the situation than any of the 6 employees that I have spoken with over the last few weeks.

I would NOT advise anyone to support this business in any fashion, it is easy to see that complaints are certainly out weighing the compliments. I left my important binder with important documents, money and check book in there and they claimed that they did not find it.

In 2008, the company began a nationwide overhaul and remodeling of all locations.

The newly designed rooms won the Travel and Leisure Design Award in 2010.

The binder has my check books, my birth certificate, my husband’s birth certificate, my kids’ birth certificates, homework and other important documents.

I checked in on Saturday June 9th and checked out Sunday June 10th from room 117.

Reply I have video of a operation manager who ask and told us displaced from hurricane Harvey to leave after a month of stay there we have had room charges that weren’t our placed on our account and took ten days to be reimbursed then a toilet overflowing which maintenance put soiled paper on our children’s stroller and spilled contents of waste all over our shoes and placed in a room for two days with ac unit not working properly we only stay here because we had no where we could afford and they promised after thirty days we didn’t have to pay tax on the room after that now they won’t move us to another studio 6 we have been told to leave by staff and the general manager of the west chase location in Houston we have a two year old and 3 year old daughter also my son has eczema and is autistic this is no way a business like this should be able to treat people we have been belittled defeated and treated horribly by staff and management alike with no calls back from corporate we need help Please Reply My first stay at a Motel 6 was in Starke, FL. They didn’t mention when I made the reservation that the motel was under renovation.

While renovations are a good thing, one would think they would place you in a room that would not be affected by the renovations.

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It was very Disappointing that they ladies were so rude to me and my husband but were so nice and flirtatious to the young man that they were flocking on. Victory Dr Columbus, GA Reply This chain should be shut down. My child was burned and they pretty much said my problem. I said no it is not because I know about that room. They were so old and nasty and had someone else’s hair all in them.

A patron of the event we were attending, informed my husband and I about a Motel 6 with possible availabilities.