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Hannibal's brought breakfast (PROTIEN SCRAMBLE for dayz) for them both. Lecter his thoughts regarding the murderer, that he thinks the killer views one of these victims as a "golden ticket" and may have a daughter of his own that's a similar age.Lecter tries to break through Will's tough exterior, but Will doesn't budge. Playing along, Hannibal continues to psychoanalyze Will.He has also released four albums under the name William Control, featuring a synthesizer driven darkwave, synthpop style.Francis joined the original lineup of Aiden in 2003 as their bassist and replaced Steve Clemens as lead vocalist later that year.They played a West Coast tour, followed by a national tour, Confessions in the Dark Tour, with Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Still Remains, and 1997.The Faculty of Science offers the following departments and programs: Aquatic Resources, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Human Kinetics, Human Nutrition, Mathematics and Statistics, Nursing and Physics.

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Their relationship becomes very complicated in Season 2.wi L Francis William Roy Francis (born in Seattle, Washington on January 8, 1982) is frontman and lead vocalist of the band Aiden.Francis has also recently began a side project named William Control.They first met in Aperitif, with Hannibal immediately becoming intrigued with Will's unique empathy.

Soon, Will becomes Hannibal's patient, although not in official capacity, since they are "simply having conversations', which allows Hannibal to discuss Will with other people, including Crawford.

They had two children, Jane Salvi and Barbara Mc Lean.