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30-Jan-2017 04:02

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Whether or not the Windows genuine advantage validation tool installs on your system, depends on your Windows Update settings.

In most cases, the tool will be downloaded automatically, then install itself when you next restart the computer.

The user is then given a certain period of time to authenticate Windows Vista, after which the entire operating system will be disabled, restricting the user to using the system in a reduced functionality mode.

However, this does not occur on Windows Vista systems that have Service Pack 1 running on them, instead, the user will simply be inundated with notifications.

This will take you to your System32 folder, from here, you’ll want to right click on Wga Logon.dll, and then click on Rename.4. You’ll always need to change the file extension of Wga Tray.exe, however, in order to do this, you’ll need to download and install Change Type, which is a file extension editor program.

To acquire this tool, I suggest you check out my post on changing file extensions.

Once you have the tool up and running on your system, simply right click on Wga Tray.exe, and then click on Change Type.6.

This will bring up a small applet, from here, change the file extension from exe to old, and click on OK.7.

First, log into your computer with full administrative rights.2.

On Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Vista Business, the user will initially be presented with a pop-up notification.

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