Woman regrets dating someone spontaneous

28-Feb-2017 12:23

You've got a 16 year old daughter who is watching you.

Do you want her to grow up thinking that it's okay to put up with everything that you've tolerated for all these years?

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I consider myself an intelligent person, so why can't I get over this? My heart just breaks for beautiful, strong, intelligent women who continue to suffer because they say they still love him. YOU deserve to be happy, and ultimately you and you alone are keeping that happiness at bay.

He tries so hard to make me happy, but I feel like I'll never be as comfortable, connected or love him as much as I loved my ex.

We don't seem to have that "best friend" quality that my ex and I had.

How do I get over my ex, and devote my whole heart and all my love to my wonderful, deserving husband? But for others that had really wonderful and great times in their first marriages, it just isn't the same.

And the truth is - it isn't the same and it never will be!You are two different people in a completely new and different relationship.And the beauty of it is that you can begin now to design and create this new relationship to look like whatever you want it to.Truthfully, I still miss my ex in a lot of ways, especially the friendship, although we did have some major problems in our marriage.