Wont boot after updating bios

08-Jun-2017 04:02

I swapped in an older, ridiculously slow Win 8.1 formatted hdd, and my machine works. I'm 100% the newer ssd works, too, so I have no idea why the hdd booted without issue (aside from being sloooooow). This university kid can't afford a new machine or repair service (or food)! I have the same issue, nothing happens on start up Dell precision T7910 updated BIOS and windows 10.

Here's what's weird: If I toss the APU AMD sent me back onto the motherboard, it boots up and brings up the UEFI right away, so it can't be the components or the way I have things set up.

I did that, and now my Asus N56VZ with a 128 gb Corsair Force 3 ssd and the stock 8gb of RAM won't bit Windows.