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12-Mar-2017 03:26

Typically, a chat bot communicates with a real person, but applications are being developed in which two chat bots can communicate with each other.

Although we use chatbot as the main synonym on this website, please do not be confused.

Often, chat bot appears online and in instant messenger programs such as Windows Live Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger or Google Talk, where a chat bot is part of the buddy, contact or follow list of the human user. Usually, chat bot has human name such as Tim, Anna or Alex. The word robot first appeared in 1920 in the Karel Capek’s play “RUR” (“Rossum’s Universal Robots”) and since then this play popularized the word invented by playwright’s brother. The modern use of the word bot has curious affinities with earlier uses, e.g.

Chat bot appears on many other platforms as well, such as social networks (e.g. “parasitical worm or maggot” (1520s), of unknown origin; and Australian-New Zealand slang “worthless, troublesome person” (World War I -era).

The article How to Create a Chat Bot for Yahoo Messenger written by Chelsea Hoffman, explains how quick and easy it is to create a Chat bot responder containing unique and accurate responses to general phrases, words and questions that are used in Yahoo messenger.

The terminology chaos confuses potential conversational AI buyers, puzzles job seekers and is slowing down innovation.

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A selection of pages on this website using 'chat bot': The term chat bot (or sometimes just bot) can also be used in the meaning of an automatic chat responder program.

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is nowadays available on i Phone, and 2 times Loebner Prize contest winner Cleverbot is also available on i Phone and i Pad.

Loebner Prize is an annual contest to see who can create the most human-like "chatbot" program.

This year's winner, Suzette, actually managed to fool a judge into thinking it was human! The Loebner Prize competition is divided into multiple rounds where a judge asks questions of both the chatbot program and a human subject chatting via IM.

Here you'll find thousands of AI personalities, including bartenders, college students, mythical creatures, gods, cartoon characters, and even recreations of real people.

The Personality Forge's AI Engine has unmatched pattern-matching capabilities, knowledge of hundreds of thousands of words, conversational flow, a knowledge base the size of Wikipedia, and a scripting language called AIScript.

In combination with advances in technology, chat bots became available on multiple platforms outside Internet, for example A. This video shows one of spreadsheet-style editors for AIML, Simple AIML Editor (SAE) developed by Adeena Mignogna.

Your chatbots live on the site and can chat independently with others. Transcripts of every chatbot's conversations are kept so you can read what your bot has said, and see their emotional relationships and memories. Best of all, it's free!… continue reading »

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Chat bot is a computer program designed to communicate with humans by chat. 256 vendors, companies, 1374 live chat bot examples and much more!… continue reading »

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Loebner prize is the most famous and proven method so far to test which bot chatbot is the most realistic. It based on Turing test.… continue reading »

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The chat bots are free to use, and you can chat to them by simply sending them a message, as if they were a human user. There’s a TriviaBot for answering trivia questions, a Random Reddit Fun bot which pulls GIFs and images from the /funny subreddit on the popular sharing site, or HangBot, a hangman-style game.… continue reading »

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The Loebner Prize is an annual contest to see who can create the most human-like "chatbot" program. This year's winner, Suzette, actually managed to fool a judge into thinking it was human! Let's see what Suzette has to say.… continue reading »

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