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Since then, “Ang Dating Daan” was heard and seen in the whole world.Membership soared and new local chapters were established in North America, Canada, Europe, Africa, and even the Asia Pacific, China and Australia.According to one Filipino pastor and author, Soriano is in the process of constructing his doctrine. Christian pastors and leaders who are concerned about the spiritual welfare of the Filipinos must also be vigilant about this group so that they could address the spiritual hunger of a growing population because if not false teachers like Soriano will and as a result they will again be one of those “unpaid bills of the church” as one Christian author states.Manner of Polemics Notes: * Taken from the Ang Dating Daan website.It upholds the divine mission to propagate the true Gospel of Christ based on the Bible and converts sinners to believe and glorify God.It also believes that only the Church can teach the wisdom of God for the salvation of mankind. Program Ang Dating Daan (* His parents were members of Iglesia ng Dios Kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Suhay ng Katotohanan founded in 1936 by a former Iglesia ni Cristo (1914) follower namely Nicolaz Perez. At first, Soriano might have yielded to that decision but it did not take long before he along with a few others rebelled against Gugulan’s leadership.

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Many will immediately assume that their self-styled messenger “won” the religious debate not knowing that it was just his being a skilled heckler that made him triumph.

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