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30-Jan-2017 14:59

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If you already have some experience you might not need any further details than what's presented here, but for complete beginners you'd be better to start out with an introductory product like Make Women Want You by Jason Capital.

Jayson and Jonesy are the two naturals that Julian claims he studied and developed these ideas from watching them in action.

His body language, his facial expressions and his overall vibe is great at conveying a confident, relaxed energy mixed with the right amount of sexuality.

He does't specifically mention this, but these can be the difference between a guy who is naturally great with women and a guy who has to put more work into getting results.

On the flip side, the steps aren't really explained in a great amount of detail.

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Julian's background is in the pick-up community and it seems this product is aimed at guys who already have some familiarity with this.A few times they'll make some mistakes or do something that's not ideal, but Julian is pretty quick to point out these mistakes.There was a clear difference to me between Julian's skill level and knowledge versus the other two guys.If you need a more methodical approach to help you learn, then this likely won't be as suited to you.

The International Dating Academy is a “one stop dating shop”, offering a comprehensive range of services to single people in the UK and North America.… continue reading »

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