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02-Jun-2017 02:13

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Zhao’s mother even had strict rules for the temperature of a girl’s hands.

“Cold hands mean a cold uterus,” she said, explaining that she believed it signified ill health.

She should not be significantly older or taller than their son, the parents said, and she should have her own career but also put his needs first.

Relationship consultant Shi Xiuxiong told Sixth Tone that he wants to see such standards challenged.

The show has provoked lively discussions about dating in contemporary China, with some viewers saying the program reveals the double standards for men and women, as well as the complications created by meddling parents with superficial, narrow, and materialistic ideals.

The first episode saw contestant Lin Jiali enter with a bowl of soup that she cooked herself. ” shouted contestant Zhao Haoran, 23, from the bachelors’ waiting room.

It featured two successful female entrepreneurs out of the three bachelorettes.

And it’s hosted by China’s favorite openly transgender hostess.

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He feels dating shows have reduced romance to a shopping list.

Many online comments supported Lin and criticized the male contestants as overindulged man-children.

“The girls are mature, understanding, ambitious, and responsible, but the boys are spoiled, so they never grow up,” one user on microblogging platform Weibo said.

” They also brutally rejected a 40-year-old divorcee and single mom.

The parents on the show grilled bachelorettes with questions like “Can you do housework?(In China, divorced women are often considered damaged goods.) Some critics called the show a revival of outdated arranged marriages (link in Chinese).Many say it reflects the “Giant Infant” culture described by psychologist Wu Zhihong in her acclaimed book to be somewhat progressive.“This TV program is full of male and female inequality, discrimination against single mothers, ‘straight man cancer,’ and other problems,” said a commentary in The Beijing News on Tuesday.

Jin Xing, a former male ballet star and army colonel, draws 100 million viewers a week and was the first person, publicly, to undergo gender reassignment surgery in her country. Now she shares the unlikely story of finding extraordinary success afterwards.… continue reading »

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Jin Xing hosts some of China's most popular TV shows, including Chinese Dating - a show where parents decide who their sons can date. The transgender TV star spoke to BBC Chinese's Yashan Zhao about her show, and her experience as one of China's first public figures to transition.… continue reading »

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Anchored by popular host Jin Xing — who has been called China’s transgender Oprah — and produced by Shanghai’s Dragon TV, “Chinese Dating” mimics traditional blind dates arranged by parents, placing a female candidate in front of five bachelors’ families instead of the potential suitor himself.… continue reading »

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