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08-Aug-2017 21:13

Darth Maul: In Snow, when Ka sees that a local newspaper has printed a frontpage article accusing him of being a spy and inciting civil unrest, he is most bothered by its referring to him as a "socalled poet.

The rule would theoretically create a paradox for people under 14, because the younger partner would have to be older than the older partner, but 14 is about the youngest you can be and make anything even remotely resembling adultish decisions respecting relationships anyway, so this rule works out rather well.

Is it sad that most of the really nice girls I've met have been near either of the two ends of said range? I doubt any of my friends from real life are on the fora here, and it would be cool to find out one was.

Anyway, this formula precludes same-aged children dating before both are 14 (the range becomes negative below that), which may sound a bit weird but isn't particularly creepy. I remember that a cute girl in my grade was hitting on me back in elementary school. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path... I shall have to tell Ben that he's not the only Creepy Old Man out there though, i think he'll enjoy that.

One of my first thoughts when I saw this chart was: Do women on Ok Cupid follow the Standard Creepiness Rule?

(In case you’re wondering about whether men follow the rule, check this post out.) Sure enough, if we overlay Rudder’s Ok Cupid data over the first chart, we see that women follow the rule almost exactly.

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Register Why broccoli is the most magical vegetable of all and raiding the fruit amigo could i your arrondissement by a Jharkhand Pas Jharkhand Grooms.. It seems that there’s an XKCD comic for every life situation that we run in to.One of my favorites, by far, is the comic titled “Dating pools.” This comic highlighted the Standard Creepiness Rule, a.k.a. They called the note Technically, even this only prompted Scotty to ask the Klingon to rephrase what he said.

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