Yahoo adult chat room and cybercrimes

09-Aug-2017 21:11

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Cybercrime is a major concern – recent studies show that while crimes like burglary and grand theft auto are down, fraud and cybercrime instances continue to rise.It’s a sign of criminals discovering new ways to make profits.Giving a blank check and carte blanch spending approval says everything you need to know.Cybersecurity and protection against hackers, pirates, phishers, and other malicious actors is a top priority across the board.Even I was unable to work, as several blog backends went down, but the threat even I fear is ransomware.

Protecting Yourself from Cybercrime End-to-end encryption, virtual machines, virtual private networks, firewalls, and safe web browsing practices all play key roles in protecting us from cybercrime.

Smart devices like DVRs, smart lights, and video game consoles aren’t always thought of when securing a network.

Most people have no clue how to install a firewall on these devices, and many are developed by small businesses that don’t have the capital to afford penetration testing and security measures.

Government fines, loss of business, and intense media scrutiny can be enough to shut any business down. government, Yahoo built software that read people’s emailon unprecedented levels.

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Yahoo’s troubles aren’t limited to outrage over compromised customer information leaking – the type of information being scanned in the company’s email servers is a problem for privacy advocates as well. The Herjavec Group recently predicted cybercrime damages will cost the world more than trillion by 2021 (six times the amount being spent on preventing it).

The industry is growing exponentially in response to modern cybersecurity threats, with Gartner reporting .6 billion spent on infosec products and services in 2016 alone.