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25-Apr-2017 07:48

This is a complete guide on how to use chat rooms in Yahoo Messenger.Apart from the steps to start a chat, this article also deals with safety measure we have to take when chatting with an unknown person.Just joined this site and curious to seed what's available on it.I've been living alone for the past four years and had no significant other during those years so I'm ready to see who I might meet and connect with.

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but yes it is sad, some people just have no integrity at all :-( I see you are in Jax ..

*In the general chat window many links and other inappropriate words can be seen. *Usually every chat room will have group of user with names of American girls and giving full details like, their home address, age etc.. If you chat with them, they will all speak the same words, of course sex related and later give links to web cams and all. Other than chatting,you can do many things using messenger.

If you click that link, God only knows where you are gonna end. One funny thing is that if you use an ID with a girl name, many chat windows will pop-up all of a sudden! My friends use to say this and she could not chat with her name as ID, because that much pop-up chat window will come at a time. For example you can use it to play games,share photos etc..

To you ALL...i wish you a good day and better tomorrows.

Judy Wow, i just noticed not one response, including mine, was ON TOPIC! ON TOPIC: Sorry, i don't know anything about retirement communities.A new chat window for you and that person will appear.Apart from this you can also select people by clicking in the name that come in the general chat space. If the user is interested, then they will respond and you can chat and become friends.If are not much bothered about safety measure or restriction on making friends, you can go up to any extent.

Aug 20, 2014. Here's another transcript of a sex chat bot on Yahoo Messenger in. all this is that while Kik is trying to bash away sexy chat bots on its service.… continue reading »

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