Yahoo messenger sex chat usa

05-Feb-2017 13:55

😀 If he’s messing with you, you’re gonna hog The Kid all to yourself, and what’s the point of being SELFISH??? Ain’t no fun ‘less’n your HOMEGIRLS could get some!!!

I love to listen to peoples belly gurgle and what not. I love to talk to people about stomachs and bellys.

That didn't work so then when he told me after Christmas he would come and visit me but he wasn't in the state and that was the bye bye. One of his victims is Judy Beal Pretends to be an Oil Rig Engineer and the last location was off the coast of Nigeria.

I go on youtube a listen to peoples stomachs digest. Im a teenage guy and i just love the sounds the stomach makes.

I am 19 year straight boy and my fetish is i like old males 54 Or young female 20’s ..sitting on stomach.

I mean I like having weight on my stomach, I am looking for someone to sit on my stomach, email me any1 over 50 males or young females.

I can take weight for long time all u have to do is sit on my stomach and watch Move on tv...

😉 Also, if you expect a certain level of coolness and mental compatibility, close homegirls are hard to find. It’s TOTALLY not worth it to alienate a great gal because she’s sour that y’all aren’t hooking up anymore. I mean if she you, you might just have to do her that solid and hit her off, NAH MEEN?

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