Your beauty is intimidating

02-Mar-2017 05:31

by Practical It's not a secret that one of the biggest obstacles that men have toward approaching very attractive women is the fact that they are intimidated by them.

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They are just beautiful, without giving regards to whether they are placed on a grave or in a castle. tags: beautiful, beauty, beauty-quotes, being-beautiful, death, flowers, flowers-quotes, genuine-beauty, inspirational-life, inspirational-quotes, life-lessons, life-quotes, quotes-about-beauty, quotes-about-death, real-beauty, true-beauty, wisdom-quotes tags: beautiful, beauty, character, education, fake, intelligence, knowledge, learning, life, material, materialism, meditation, mindfulness, patience, pearls, philosophy, poet, poetry, spiritual, stupid, substance, superficial, superficiality, swan, swine, true, true-beauty, truth, wisdom, wise, words “We did the usual beauty, grace, anti-dirt spell, voice of a songbird, the works…it is never that kind of beauty that we gift. You are the most beautiful woman in the world to your true love. One day, I’m going to want to sleep twelve hours at a stretch and I won’t be able to. I am going through a metamorphosis.” ― Jacquelyn Nicole Davis, tags: author, authors, beauty, beauty-in-life, beauty-of-life, imania-margria, inspiration, inspirational, inspirational-quote, inspirational-quotes, inspire, inspiring, inspiring-author, inspiring-authors, inspiring-quotes, inspiring-thoughts, inspiring-words, inspiring-writer, inspiring-writers, life, life-lesson, life-lessons, life-quotes, motivate, motivation, motivational, motivational-inspirational, motivational-quote, motivational-quotes, quote, quote-of-the-day, quotes, quotes-to-live-by, true-beauty, wisdom, words-of-wisdom, words-to-live-by “You don't have to live in a mansion to be happy.

Flowers are just beautiful, whether they grow by the wayside or in a manicured garden. All you need is to create the right space; something that says this is who you are, and you can always change who you are, just as you change your environment.” ― Anthea Syrokou, “Self-growth does not always mean that we've changed.

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In fact, many if not most of these women are uninteresting, shallow, high maintenance and otherwise unworthy of spending time with. So, whenever you see a beautiful woman that you want to approach, remember the above points, be realistic and assume that she is not going to be all that interesting until and unless she proves otherwise.

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