Youtube poop hyrule dating videos

14-Jul-2017 02:36

Link was too a victim of her perversions but he enjoys it.She once made a dating video where she went into graphic detail about how she likes to be fucked, but the video was taken off of Youtube as the viewer could see her masturbate on the camera.Unfortunately, she's also often the one who has to put up with their antics, making her quite bitter towards them.Despite being disappointed with Link's gullibility and whining, she loves Link and Link loves her back. Although Link saved Zelda's ass from Ganon, she never thanked him, so Link sent her to hell and looked for another, more grateful girlfriend.Morshu forgave link with a condition, from now, Link would the mule of Morshu in his store.Link then agreed and Morshu gives him a few of Bombs.Link is the last of his line due to a genital deformity, being unable to reproduce.Link is also the main protagonist in You Tube Poop World.

Despite being smarter and more competent than her game counterpart, she does not bear the Triforce of Wisdom, which Impa possesses instead. Zelda often shows herself to be more rational and competent than King Harkinian and Link.

During her childhood, she criticized the other girls in the High School to which they responded by raping her in the hallway.

May 10, 2017. Its a youtube poop I started last year and never worked on it again. would it be worth working on it? Are people still watching Youtube Poops?… continue reading »

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Oct 8, 2008. Fanboyism at its zenith. A bored Link receives a copy of Command & Conquer from Gwonam the Wizard. When the king criticizes Link's playing.… continue reading »

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