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An employer is advised to provide a private, hygienic and safe place for employees to breastfeed, and express breast milk and then store it somewhere cool (which doesn't need to be for breast milk only).An employer must not disadvantage an employee absent from work because of her pregnancy or maternity.Anyone who has previously paid fees to an employment tribunal or employment appeals tribunal is entitled to be reimbursed by the Government.Information on reimbursement should become available at GOV. Through the Acas Helpline you can get advice on specific problems, and explore alternatives to an employment tribunal claim, such as Mediation, where appropriate.Pregnancy and maternity discrimination protection mainly applies to a specific period of time known as the protected period.The law says that after the protected period in pregnancy and maternity has ended, an action after that time might still amount to unfavourable treatment because of pregnancy and maternity if it stemmed from an action or decision within the protected period.They are not protected under the pregnancy and maternity protected characteristic but could be under other protected characteristics such as sex or sexual orientation.There are simple steps an employer should take once an employee says she is pregnant.

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But, it must not include them in 'managing absence triggers' - these are the number of days' absence when managers would consider warnings, and ultimately dismissal, unless attendance at work improves.This means an employee or job applicant must not be disadvantaged because of their pregnancy or maternity.For example, they must not: There is no need for an employee to compare treatment to how someone else is treated.Pregnancy and maternity discrimination is broken down into discrimination for unfavourable treatment and victimisation.

This is different to how the other protected characteristics are covered, but in most cases the protections are broadly similar or stronger for pregnancy and maternity.

Or, after the period, a woman might claim her treatment because of her pregnancy or maternity amounted to less favourable treatment because of her sex.