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It is proper etiquette to leave your wedding registry locations off of the invitation.But if you wish to include it on your wedding website or as an insert to the invitation, that is perfectly fine.Read here for more “save-the-date” cards etiquette.There have been countless times that brides have forgotten to include the location of their wedding venue on their invitation, and have had to send out a “correction” card. Save time and money by quadruple checking your invitation blue print before they get printed!If you have a large guest list (200 ) and insist on printing the addresses, use a font that looks handwritten and resembles your handwriting.The recommended time to send out invitations is 6-8 weeks from your wedding date.Most guests will want to bring you a congratulatory gift, but you never want guests to feel unwelcome if they do not have a gift in tow.

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Most of the time parents have their own guest list that includes their old college roommates, current and past co workers, and high school teammates.Save the main wedding event, such as the reception, to include on the invitation.Why even take engagement pictures if you’re not going to include it in your invitation?Give your guests a sneak peek into your wedding color scheme by incorporating the same colors into your invitation.

Coordinating your wedding colors in all elements of your wedding will help your event feel cohesive and well thought-out.This will ensure enough time for your guests to receive the invite and have time to RSVP.This will also be enough time to re-send invitations that might get sent back for whatever reason.To make things easier, it would be smart to create a personalized stamp of the address so you don’t have to worry about an illegible address.