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In Challenge mode you get your choice of zoo size and global location. Since FF mode is so open and free I will not cover it much beyond this small introcution. CHALLENGE MODE This is the pile of money and watch button in the middle of the screen. you will not be able to manipulate the terrain, disturb the foliage or change the area in any way, shape or form. A conservation area is a part of the map that you will not have any control over. Challenge mode is great for the more serious tycoon player who wants to build a great zoo but also wants the thrill and satisfaction of managing the resources to make it run well. CAMPAIGN MODE This is the lock and key button in the middle of the screen. I really don't see much of a point to it, but, it is the way it is. A few maps will have preset mountains, rivers, foliage and some will even have conservation areas set aside. the location of your zoo will determine what biome (discussed more in detail later) and what background ambient noises you will have when you first start out.

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you can find your profile and access your pictures by going to: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\Microsoft Games\ Zoo Tycoon 2\Profile Name When you switch profiles or start a new one the screen may flicker a few times while the game resets everything.

Before you start you game you can choose the level of cash you can start with.