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06-Apr-2017 17:19

The ever-so-slight drift scares the crap out of me.They changed the treasure chest system to be 1 per day instead of being able to get a treasure chest from each zone thus making it more enticing to buy chests from the shop (remember, random items in them). The perfume changes have me really wondering though, but I feel too ignorant about it to really comment one way or another.It’s simply the changes to the core of the game, such as the Pv P flagging, that I want to see play out before I declare an absolute success.I’m going to reach level 40 sometime tomorrow and I’ll bring you more of my thoughts as I experience (hopefully) the Astral ships as well as high level dungeons.That’s not exactly chump change given how much I die. People would zerg rush attackers by dying and respawning quickly. Zone Fixes – Coba Plateu has been fixed along with a few other quests and zone problems.

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NPC’s, gear, graphics, ui, and other visual changes were added that simply improved the game further. – Since this patch was released in Russia in December, the devs decided to leave in the Christmas event for us so that we could have fun.The debuff also stacks if you die back to back — up to four times.At level 40 a single death will cost you ~3.5 gold. Death wasn’t bad enough and it played into the game.You used to be able to attack anyone or be attacked unless inside of a quest hub. If you’re truly against being vulnerable when you don’t want to be then turn your flag off, but accept that you’re sacrificing for that safety.

The new system enables a flagging system where you can opt in/out of Pv P. This truly may be the best of both worlds and a very nice take on the flagging system. One comforting thing about it all though is that the Astral Pv P will be open pvp regardless of your flag, and that’s where the “endgame” happens.

The Hwarang will be the first of three new mercenaries planned for Atlantica.

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